Babbling about Hunter x Hunter

Kinda, but not really, a review sort of thing about the 2011 version of the Hunter x Hunter anime, which ended recently.

I went into this series knowing nothing about it except that a friend liked it. It was not at all what I was expecting, but still very fun to watch. Was I even expecting anything in particular, though? Since I didn’t know what to expect, how violent it got also took me by surprise, so I kept getting creeped out by the shock of it mostly, and then slowly it didn’t really bother me any more since I knew it was coming. Read the rest of this entry

Character designing

Developing characters is fun.

This this a page full of sketches centered around Hecate, an android character from my story called False Reflections. In the original rough from NaNoWriMo, she was going to be a minor character, but these sketches were exploring what-ifs. The other characters on the page are Archibald and Esther. As well as Adelaide, a character from another story that was shelved in favour of False Reflections.

Oddly, Archibald was originally designed for Adelaide’s story as a man whom worked with crystals he finds, so he kinda… appeared before his intended appearance. I considered removing him from Adelaide’s story entirely afterwards. But he might still appear, time will tell.

This is a very old character, with a new design. I thought she looked too similar to another character of mine, so I really wanted to set them apart.

Rune’s old design. In the old version, she had no name, “Chouwa” was the name of a game I made, where she was playable. The source file of the game eventually got corrupted, which prompted me to stop working on it at that time. If I eventually picked it up again, it likely wouldn’t be the same genre as the original, which was to be a side-scroller co-op kind of game with animated cut-scenes (no dialogue).

My current focus, is working on these characters. I mentioned them in my previous post, but the direction of the story itself has changed from what I was first working on.

Originally, I wanted to make a “magical girl/boy” kind of story, with the outfits and names having a plant theme. Even green hair was almost considered but quickly changed to orange. But I then decided to make it about vampires instead, all that remains is the base design of the twin children, and the plant theme still exists in the characters’ names. Vinal is the boy, Sorrel is the girl, Lily is the woman, and Uaithne is the man.

The vampires within the story will be my own version, inspired and based on previous portrayals of vampires. One of the things already decided is that they can walk in daylight, but it hinders their powers, so they prefer to be nocturnal. Staking them or decapitation will of course kill them.

Japanese journal log

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Review of Pipy (ピピちゃん)

Pipy is a manga made by Osamu Tezuka, in the 1950s. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Valentine’s Day

I myself am not much of a fan of Valentine’s Day, as it’s just another ordinary day to me, but it certainly provides a fun excuse to draw cute illustrations. All of the below are Rockman fan art.

The dress Roll is wearing in this drawing is one of her pink dresses (but without the jacket) from Hitoshi Ariga’s Mega/Gigamix, although it unintentionally resembles another one of his drawings. Whoops. As for the hairstyle, it’s just a style I like to draw her wearing when handling food. The hairdo can also be found on Ask Roll.

I forgot to shade in the back of the bowl, but since it’s been reblogged on Tumblr like this, I decided to just leave the mistake there. I need to practice perspective more too, because I had a real hard time trying to make the posture natural with the arm in the more heavy perspective.

A Valentine card portraying Forte and Roll as some sort of couple. I figured Forte is rather up tight and would have difficulty displaying romantic feelings, so he’s not sure what to do with himself here.

This is a quick drawing I did for the readers of Ask Roll.

This one isn’t really relevant to the holiday. But I thought it would be fun to design a sailor dress for Roll.

How do I spend a Saturday?

Today is Sunday, and yesterday was Hourly Comic Day. See my adventure below. Read the rest of this entry

Stuff from November to now

I feel like introducing things I’ve found around the web since November and onward.

At the beginning of November, I heard CAPCOM planned to release a game called Kiwi & Me, starring a kiwi that looks nothing like a kiwi. It made me laugh a bit, Tiki from The New Zealand Story looks more like a kiwi than this character. About the game itself, I feel like it’s something like Bejeweled from what I know about it’s gameplay. Not really my cup of tea, but hey, at least the kiwi, that looks nothing like a kiwi, is cute. Kinda like a penguin, which is my favourite bird.

I came across a video called “High Maintenance“, directed by Phillip Van, a neato take on a world with advanced robots. A woman unhappy with her current husband decides to order a new one, I found it very interesting and didn’t expect the ending.

At some point I was looking up Ainu music and stumbled across a tonkori song.

Comcept had it’s second round of voting to decide on the design of Call for Mighty No. 9. I voted for design F again, which is also the design that won. My commentary about the first round of voting is here.

Recently found a Roll Miku Miku Dance model made by Hayake, which they posted a video of on Niconico. I found it immensely adorable.

Lastly, someone apparently pulled some kind of prank by duplicating the Ask Roll Tumblr. I will not reveal here the duplicated version’s URL, but just be aware that this is something that happened if something seemed odd to you. I don’t want anyone confused. “Askroll” is the only true URL, however the old URL used to be “Roll002″ (which I did not keep after the URL change because it’s against Tumblr’s TOS to URL hoard).

As for the real world; Christmas was fun, took up a hobby in photography too.

Art related:

I started especially feeling dislike towards the way I draw faces in my illustrations. Mostly because I felt the facial features were starting to feel boxy and I didn’t like it, especially hating the eyes.

Even so, I tried to combat the issue by trying to modify the way my characters are drawn, giving them more unique features instead of them all having an army of the same faces.

Above: Characters from my story called “No Vowels”.
Below: Characters from my story called “WHO”.

Onto the fan art side of things, I hardly talk about my individual Ask Roll drawings, because I don’t want to clutter the blog with “OOC” footnotes. But the one which Roll was asked to show a drawing of her’s was quite amusing to me. It is a digital crayon-like drawing recreating Hideki Ishikawa’s own piece, as I wanted it to fit the drawing style of my ask blog more.


Hideki Ishikawa:

“This is supposed to be a drawing from Roll’s diary, so I did it all with colored pencils. The theme was ‘Summer Holidays’, so I wanted to draw something that people would relate to easily.”

This quote is found on page 138 of Mega Man Official Complete Works, published by UDON Entertainment. The image itself is also published in Secret File #6 and R20+5 Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works on page 263 (unless they moved it in the English version).

My version of the drawing attempts to translate the original version (with the diary visuals), but I just left the actual diary entry as squiggles since it’s cropped in the original image anyway. I also can’t help but feel red pastel crayons with “Zero” written all over them is a small reference.


I wanted to try participating in National Novel Writing Month again this year. But it turned out I had to quit because I have a habit of typing/writing fast if I am under time pressure. Maybe I’ll continue it in December, when I don’t feel the sense of a clock looming over, then I can work at my own pace without worry. The last time I wrote a story for NaNoWriMo was in November 2011, I didn’t have my long-term wrist injury back then. I am fond of the story even though I didn’t finish it.

Anyway here’s a sketch of a witch character I attempted to redesign (previous illustration here), ‘though her facial structure here reminds me of another character of mine named Vera. As for the outfit design, I tried to make it fit more in line with the outfit designs from what would have been my 2013 NaNoWriMo story. It turned out terrible for a first draft, I need to work on the redesign some more.

Here’s a drawing of Vera with some unrefined colouring. I always have a hard time working with making colours look good together, especially when they’re this bright.

I’ve been having some tablet problems recently, I drew this to test after reinstalling. It’s fan art of Shaymin from Pokemon.

I recently noticed WordPress has it’s own reblog system now. I don’t think I’d use it much if at all, but I like how it seems to not be an outright clone of Tumblr’s reblog system. By the look of it, it seems like reblogged content is impossible to edit whether it’s imagery or text, the only thing you can change is your own added in content? I like this. I can see it as useful because it seems to be a common complaint from artist’s that their original commentary is erased by rebloggers on Tumblr.

Roll’s dressup game

Earlier this year, I had thought it would be fun to draw Roll in every outfit she has ever worn in official art. But knowing a lot of the poses in the potential drawings were going to look similar, I decided to make it an interactive Flash game instead.

Still, I doodle some of them now and then.

(Above: Earlier on. Below: More recently.)

The game itself started development in September 2013. Since then it has gotten progressively closer to completion, also including the extra features of changing the eye colour and background. Current other features include the ability to change her outfit to many of her existing clothes, a couple clothes she is seen wearing in magazine/book publications, an outfit from Izuki’s comics, an outfit from Ariga’s comics, BBA Roll’s boots, Ruby Spears Roll’s jumpsuit, Rock’s armour and Blues’ armour. The game is also capable of making Roll look like Kalinka instead if you change her eyes green and give her curlier/wavier hair.

More combos:

As a footnote, there seems to be a little confusion about the uploading of this game onto the internet. For the time being there will be no public release, at the moment I just don’t trust people to not do inappropriate things with my game. But I might upload a password protected file when the game is completed, and give the key to friends whom ask for it.

Update (9 January 2014): It is apparently starting to become a common question on Ask Roll if a dress-up game exists and/or if this one is available to play. Please consider the above footnote and keep it in mind when voting on this poll.

Another update (11 January 2014): Game is up online now.

About reposting my art

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