Happy Valentine’s Day

I myself am not much of a fan of Valentine’s Day, as it’s just another ordinary day to me, but it certainly provides a fun excuse to draw cute illustrations. All of the below are Rockman fan art.

The dress Roll is wearing in this drawing is one of her pink dresses (but without the jacket) from Hitoshi Ariga’s Mega/Gigamix, although it unintentionally resembles another one of his drawings. Whoops. As for the hairstyle, it’s just a style I like to draw her wearing when handling food. The hairdo can also be found on Ask Roll.

I forgot to shade in the back of the bowl, but since it’s been reblogged on Tumblr like this, I decided to just leave the mistake there. I need to practice perspective more too, because I had a real hard time trying to make the posture natural with the arm in the more heavy perspective.

A Valentine card portraying Forte and Roll as some sort of couple. I figured Forte is rather up tight and would have difficulty displaying romantic feelings, so he’s not sure what to do with himself here.

This is a quick drawing I did for the readers of Ask Roll.

This one isn’t really relevant to the holiday. But I thought it would be fun to design a sailor dress for Roll.

How do I spend a Saturday?

Today is Sunday, and yesterday was Hourly Comic Day. See my adventure below. Read the rest of this entry

Stuff from November to now

I feel like introducing things I’ve found around the web since November and onward.

At the beginning of November, I heard CAPCOM planned to release a game called Kiwi & Me, starring a kiwi that looks nothing like a kiwi. It made me laugh a bit, Tiki from The New Zealand Story looks more like a kiwi than this character. About the game itself, I feel like it’s something like Bejeweled from what I know about it’s gameplay. Not really my cup of tea, but hey, at least the kiwi, that looks nothing like a kiwi, is cute. Kinda like a penguin, which is my favourite bird.

I came across a video called “High Maintenance“, directed by Phillip Van, a neato take on a world with advanced robots. A woman unhappy with her current husband decides to order a new one, I found it very interesting and didn’t expect the ending.

At some point I was looking up Ainu music and stumbled across a tonkori song.

Comcept had it’s second round of voting to decide on the design of Call for Mighty No. 9. I voted for design F again, which is also the design that won. My commentary about the first round of voting is here.

Recently found a Roll Miku Miku Dance model made by Hayake, which they posted a video of on Niconico. I found it immensely adorable.

Lastly, someone apparently pulled some kind of prank by duplicating the Ask Roll Tumblr. I will not reveal here the duplicated version’s URL, but just be aware that this is something that happened if something seemed odd to you. I don’t want anyone confused. “Askroll” is the only true URL, however the old URL used to be “Roll002″ (which I did not keep after the URL change because it’s against Tumblr’s TOS to URL hoard).

As for the real world; Christmas was fun, took up a hobby in photography too.

Art related:

I started especially feeling dislike towards the way I draw faces in my illustrations. Mostly because I felt the facial features were starting to feel boxy and I didn’t like it, especially hating the eyes.

Even so, I tried to combat the issue by trying to modify the way my characters are drawn, giving them more unique features instead of them all having an army of the same faces.

Above: Characters from my story called “No Vowels”.
Below: Characters from my story called “WHO”.

Onto the fan art side of things, I hardly talk about my individual Ask Roll drawings, because I don’t want to clutter the blog with “OOC” footnotes. But the one which Roll was asked to show a drawing of her’s was quite amusing to me. It is a digital crayon-like drawing recreating Hideki Ishikawa’s own piece, as I wanted it to fit the drawing style of my ask blog more.


Hideki Ishikawa:

“This is supposed to be a drawing from Roll’s diary, so I did it all with colored pencils. The theme was ‘Summer Holidays’, so I wanted to draw something that people would relate to easily.”

This quote is found on page 138 of Mega Man Official Complete Works, published by UDON Entertainment. The image itself is also published in Secret File #6 and R20+5 Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works on page 263 (unless they moved it in the English version).

My version of the drawing attempts to translate the original version (with the diary visuals), but I just left the actual diary entry as squiggles since it’s cropped in the original image anyway. I also can’t help but feel red pastel crayons with “Zero” written all over them is a small reference.


I wanted to try participating in National Novel Writing Month again this year. But it turned out I had to quit because I have a habit of typing/writing fast if I am under time pressure. Maybe I’ll continue it in December, when I don’t feel the sense of a clock looming over, then I can work at my own pace without worry. The last time I wrote a story for NaNoWriMo was in November 2011, I didn’t have my long-term wrist injury back then. I am fond of the story even though I didn’t finish it.

Anyway here’s a sketch of a witch character I attempted to redesign (previous illustration here), ‘though her facial structure here reminds me of another character of mine named Vera. As for the outfit design, I tried to make it fit more in line with the outfit designs from what would have been my 2013 NaNoWriMo story. It turned out terrible for a first draft, I need to work on the redesign some more.

Here’s a drawing of Vera with some unrefined colouring. I always have a hard time working with making colours look good together, especially when they’re this bright.

I’ve been having some tablet problems recently, I drew this to test after reinstalling. It’s fan art of Shaymin from Pokemon.

I recently noticed WordPress has it’s own reblog system now. I don’t think I’d use it much if at all, but I like how it seems to not be an outright clone of Tumblr’s reblog system. By the look of it, it seems like reblogged content is impossible to edit whether it’s imagery or text, the only thing you can change is your own added in content? I like this. I can see it as useful because it seems to be a common complaint from artist’s that their original commentary is erased by rebloggers on Tumblr.

Roll’s dressup game

Earlier this year, I had thought it would be fun to draw Roll in every outfit she has ever worn in official art. But knowing a lot of the poses in the potential drawings were going to look similar, I decided to make it an interactive Flash game instead.

Still, I doodle some of them now and then.

(Above: Earlier on. Below: More recently.)

The game itself started development in September 2013. Since then it has gotten progressively closer to completion, also including the extra features of changing the eye colour and background. Current other features include the ability to change her outfit to many of her existing clothes, a couple clothes she is seen wearing in magazine/book publications, an outfit from Izuki’s comics, an outfit from Ariga’s comics, BBA Roll’s boots, Ruby Spears Roll’s jumpsuit, Rock’s armour and Blues’ armour. The game is also capable of making Roll look like Kalinka instead if you change her eyes green and give her curlier/wavier hair.

More combos:

As a footnote, there seems to be a little confusion about the uploading of this game onto the internet. For the time being there will be no public release, at the moment I just don’t trust people to not do inappropriate things with my game. But I might upload a password protected file when the game is completed, and give the key to friends whom ask for it.

Update (9 January 2014): It is apparently starting to become a common question on Ask Roll if a dress-up game exists and/or if this one is available to play. Please consider the above footnote and keep it in mind when voting on this poll.

Another update (11 January 2014): Game is up online now.

About reposting my art

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Mighty No. 9

It’s been an exciting month for me because of the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter, as mentioned in a previous blog entry, it’s an upcoming game.


It was so fun seeing all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into creating a game, all those interviews, etc. I am thankful for the opportunity to see these kinds of things, and I hope to see more of these progresses through-out the time it takes to build the game.

As for the bosses, Mighty Numbers 1, 3 and 8 are my top 3. I find it quite funny that when I first saw Mighty No. 8′s silhouette, I thought chances were high that he would be female, and that indeed was a thought that was in the character’s earlier stages, but ultimately he ended up a male.

The stretch goals I was most excited for were: making-of documentary, Beck & Call co-op challenge mode, single player Call stage & boss. As you can see, I love knowing how stuff is made, and have a love for playable female characters. But even if Call wasn’t playable, this seems like it’s going to be a fun game regardless of gender. It’s a game about robots after-all, they don’t really have any genders to begin with, just manufactured appearances to look one way or the other.

With the MN9 Kickstarter nearing it’s end, a voting poll to decide on Call’s look was put up. My choice for the Call Vote is below.

Keeping in mind from the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter‘s details of:

  • Call is a female robot originally created by Dr. White’s friend, Dr. Sanda, to help assist him with his research; she somehow avoided being infected by the virus causing all the other robots to go berserk and has pledged to help Beck.
  • Call was not imbued with the human characteristics that make Beck unique, so she’s more of a pure robot — as you might imagine, this contrast can lead to some interesting differences and misunderstandings whenever they interact!

Call A definitely fits the need to look more robotic and less human, but the presence of the glasses disinterests me. Of course even with the glasses she’s one of my favourite Calls up to vote, also sporting the striped pattern that made me love Call F so much.

Call B reminds me a little of Arale from Dr. Slump. Her design is also nice but she somewhat looks like she’s running around with exposed underwear (and again with the glasses), this turns me away from liking her design. But she has the needed robotic feeling as Call A does.

Call C reminded me right away of Roll’s design from Mega Man Universe, I do not like that she apparently turns into a unicorn, but her other abilities have me interested. Although I liked Roll from MMU, this Call’s design is a little creepy in appearance, she’s unsettling to look at, but maybe this creepiness is what she needs to look more robotic and less human.

Call D didn’t remind me of anyone in particular, but the art style looks like it might be a drawing by Keiji Inafune. I love her outfit, she doesn’t look particularly robotic from the waist down, but her shoulders/arms aid in implying she is indeed a robot.

Call E is also super cute, but she reminds me of someone who works a plane related job and not that of a research assistant. She has very little hints at all that she is a robot besides the reoccurring thing of lines on the arms, even her right ear appears to be humanoid. As much as I love this design, it doesn’t fit the role of Call.

Call F is my favourite, although I might be a bit biased since she was one of the very first designs introduced for Call. Her design gives off the feeling to me that her clothes aren’t usually meant to come off, and that the black piece underneath her that although doesn’t replicate skin is still part of her actual body. Her hair piece has a robotic look that helps aid in making her identity as a robot obvious. Like Call A, she has the striped pattern going on that I like. She also doesn’t have humanoid ears exposed and her own symbol on the ear piece that is unique from Beck’s. From the artwork, I get the feeling this Call’s eyes are rarely, if ever, all the way open, being always somewhat half closed. She has physical traits similar to Beck but still has enough differences to make her unique from him while still being able to be identified as Beck’s partner just by looking at her.

Call G looks like a multi purpose robot, she appears to not only be a research assistant but also capable of doing various house work all at once with her spare arms. She certainly fits the look of a robot, and lacks humanoid ears which is always a bonus for me. At first I didn’t like this Call because I didn’t like her default dress, but she grew on me fairly quickly considering what the identity of Call is supposed to be.

Call H immediately made me guess this design might be by Hideki Ishikawa. (Edit, 02/Oct/2013: I stand corrected, it was Shinsuke Komaki.) This design is cute and I like the ears, the S on her chest might stand for Dr. Sanda which is a nice little detail. It’s certainly robotic and I don’t think a research assistant robot needs a specific attire, but I wouldn’t mind much either way if this design was or wasn’t used.

Call I is actually the design I like the least, her design just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s not a bad design, but it’s just not something I personally like, so I can’t pick out any flaws other than I just dislike this design due to personal taste.

That said, my top 3 Call designs are D, F and G.

I voted for F.

Practice makes perfect

Updates! My website was long overdue for an update, half a year is quite an interval.

The main update is that the URL has changed, the old URL currently redirects to the new URL, shi-rc.awardspace.co.uk, but I plan on deleting the outdated URL eventually. Of course, the short URL “merozen.co.nr” still works and has been adjusted to go to the new URL.

As for art, 9 new illustrations have been added to the gallery. But the animation and comics have been temporarily removed until I eventually rewrite the pages to fit the new site layout.

This actually… isn’t finished. I didn’t bother to render the ground properly since I didn’t feel like painting grass (as a result none of the image connects naturally together). Anyway, I’ve always wanted to work on getting better at drawing water ever since the awkward water in my A Monster in Paris fan art. So I thought Katara would be a fun subject to incorporate water, since she is associated with it. I made the flat part of the water with the stained glass filter of Photoshop, which I then warped the shape of. The hand-drawn parts were redrawn several times and I don’t know if I “got it”, but it certainly looks better than other attempts.

As for Katara herself, my favourite part was drawing the pants and the least liked part was drawing her plaited hair. For more Avatar fan art, I have posted some on Pixiv previously.

I received a colourless blender and multi liner for my COPIC markers recently, decided to test them out with a drawing of Call from Mighty No. 9. (Is “COPIC” meant to be in capital letters? I never know.)


The drawing had some anatomical flaws, but I went forth and coloured it anyway. I have to say, I was certainly reminded why I like to use more lines in my traditional art. Different tools call for different styles. My technique with COPICs requires me to fill everything before the ink dries to prevent streaks appearing, and COPICs dry really fast. So naturally it’s going to be difficult to colour everything with that swiftness if the area being coloured is large. As a result I decided to at least hastily add in a few extra strands to the hair’s line work.

As for the colourless blender, it’s certainly useful for smoothing light colours into each other. It creates a water-like stain (which is more noticeable the darker the colour it was used on is), but I found I can hide it well enough by going over the whole area with a new colour. The stain mostly happens when it’s causing colour erasure on dry ink, it blends better when the ink is still wet. However this colour erasure will come in handy when accidentally colouring outside the lines. Additionally, I am not seeing much difference in the multi liner from my previous choice of pens (Shachihata’s Artline “Drawing System” pens), but I still like the new pen.

Tracking back to the subject of Mighty No. 9, here’s some extra drawings I’ve done. ↓


If you’ve not yet heard, Mighty No. 9 is a game, by Comcept (and others), currently trying to get funds on Kickstarter. It’s intended to be a side-scroller about a robot named Beck, whom is the only one not infected by a virus that makes mechanical beings go berserk. The character Call has no set design at this time, although the blonde Call is obviously my favourite and I want her to be the chosen design. But for diversity’s sake I’d also actually be pleased if the green haired design was chosen (or maybe I am just biased since I like green haired girls).


I’ve noticed for a long time that one of the problems with my drawings is my characters don’t have consistent proportions. I feel this is because I don’t have a good understanding of the height of an entire body and it’s relation to individual lengths of body parts. As a result, characters who are meant to be taller are drawn shorter, and vice versa.

To help fix this problem, I was planning of making a chart of all my characters by each other, using height scales as a reference (the kind with height and inch markers). But when looking up reference for a scale, I found something much cooler: a database of photos displaying people of various heights and weights. Here‘s the website if you want to check it out for yourself.


Here’s Vera and Ciel. Hopefully I can draw up some more characters, it’d be neat to have a to-scale archive of reference for my characters.

During the process of cleaning up the unused files in my blog, I found some old images.


This is Eri Kasamoto, my favourite character from the Metal Slug series. Her design shifts a bit from game to game, so I draw her with the elements I like best, especially the slightly curly hair. I stopped refining it near her hand because I didn’t feel like drawing a gun at the time. This is from 2010 I think?


If the file name is any indicator, this is an assortment of iScribble doodles from November 2010.


  1. Rock and Guts Man, obviously this is Rockman fan art.
  2. I have no idea what I was trying to do here, but now it gives me the feeling of visiting an aquarium for some reason?
  3. Rock in the snow, I actually finished this one.
  4. Fan art of Ciel from Rockman Zero. It was partially coloured by my sibling.
  5. Kagamine Rin of Vocaloid, in a random outfit. I am surprised the clips are there, I often omit them.
  6. An attempt at drawing lineless, I was once informed by someone it reminded them of Disney.
  7. A sketch I drew and was too lazy to line, so it was lined by a friend so I could colour it.
  8. Rock, Flash Man… and squirrels… Uh. I don’t know, I like squirrels so I drew squirrels.
  9. My Rockman fan character, No Man. ‘Though this is an alternate colour-scheme and not his usual one.


Left: Random doodle with no purpose. Right: A recreation of a sad SD Rock from the Official Complete Works book to be not SD.



A sketch I drew of the unused herione design by Haruki Suetsugu. The file is also another 2010 file.


One of Get Me Off The Moon‘s events was to upload a bunch of original fan arts to their gallery, this was drawn for that event. Unfortunately, last I checked, that gallery doesn’t exist any more.


A random drawing of the UTAUloid Hanane Sakiko.


This is a doodle of my character, Astra.


My character Melody as a kid.


I’ve recently imported content from my other blogs (mostly Tumblr). But as there’s no special options for Tumblr imports, I had to go back and delete things I didn’t want ported and/or edit posts so they weren’t direct-linking the old host. Because some of the posts are imports, you might see a post or two that look strange (like an old Tumblr post referring to WordPress). It seems no matter what blogging service I use, I’ll always come back to WordPress, as it has the most convenient options for me.

I’ve been in a bit of a Pulseman mood, so I feel like showing off all of my Pulseman fan art.


You can kinda tell which ones are older than another, but I still like these drawings even with their errors.


Here’s my most recent Pulseman fan art. I wanted to practice drawing interacting hands, so I also tried to draw a posture that suggests “I’ve got it!” Even using my own hands as a reference, it’s quite difficult. As for the background, they’re, uh, dot-tone textures that came with my Computones, so I just decided to use them to fill in the plain background. I think they might be fire and water-like patterns? It’s hard to tell with the latter.

I originally left the eyes white, but changed them to black because the contrast didn’t look good to me when like that. Here is the white eyed version. I’ve been drawing enough to cause harm to my wrist again, so that’s why it’s in greyscale. I have no self-control, I’m addicted to drawing. ‘Though I also just want some kind of distraction from aspects of my personal life. One of those things being earthquakes, I am quite the chicken so they make me uneasy.

As for studying, I’ve been trying to remember to use JCJP more, it’s very good for vocabulary drilling. It also has nice reading tests which use real news articles that are current.


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